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Terms & Conditions

1. A non-refundable deposit £100 will be required to provisionally book any of RMJPI London Business Academy (RMJPILBA) Courses.

2. All outstanding balances must be fully paid up to RMJPILBA one week prior to the end date of course date.

3. All course and exam bookings must be done on RMJPILBA's website (www.rmjpilondonbusineacademy.com). All bookings constitute a legally binding contractual agreement between RMJPILBA and the respective student / candidate. Students / Candidates are therefore advised to retain a personal copy of their booking forms for their records.

4. RMJPILBA has full copyrights for all original materials i.e. artworks and designs acquired during its course of business. It also reserves the right to broadcast, publish, sell or use its acquired materials for commercial interests and in pursuit of its general business development plan. It will however, under certain conditions and circumstances, refrain from such practices subject to appropriate remuneration negotiations with clients and at its own discretion.

5. RMJPILBA will not be held responsible for accidental damage or loss of candidates / students property whilst in our premises and possession.

6. RMJPILBA will endeavor to run all advertised courses as published on our website. This period may be extended or reduced in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of RMJPILBA. RMJPILBA similarly reserves the right to reschedule, amend and even cancel course programs as and when necessary and at its own discretion. Students wishing to reschedule course dates will attract a further £50 reschedule admin fee.

7. In the unfortunate event of a student's dissatisfaction with our service(s), every effort will be made to remedy their dissatisfaction. A full refund will only be issued, minus any deposits and deductions for work already delivered, as a last resort.

8. RMJPILBA reserves the rights to self advertise or promote its range of products and services during its work pursuits. Where it is not possible to do so, RMJPI-LBA reserves the right to pursue its advertising campaign at every given opportunity with guests and other prospective clients. Clients and customers are agreeing to receiving our marketing and promotional materials by virtue of their bookings and any previous contractual dealings with our Academy.

9. A no refund policy applies to all Candidates and Student wishing to cancel their bookings through no fault of RMJPILBA. Any study materials supplied in advance must be returned to RMJPILBA and any login details created to use the RMJPILBA online facilities will be suspended or deleted. Exam candidates wishing to reschedule their exams will attract a further £20 admin reschedule fee.

10. In the event of student’s gross misconduct and failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, RMJPILBA reserves the right to cancel their booking contract, which will lead to the forfeiture of all deposits and advance payments made.

11. Privacy policy - We do not store clients credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.

12. A £50 Admin processing Charge will be levied on all new course bookings.

13. Students opting to settle their course fees via Direct Debit payments will attract a further £50 set up fee.

14. All forms of payment other than Direct Bank Transfer and cash will attract a £5 surcharge.

15. A cheaper Corporate fee is available to sponsors that wish to sponsor a minimum of three students.

16. Promotional deals are available to self-sponsoring students.

17. A remittance advice or proof of payment is required from all customers via email.

18. Electronic study lecture materials are available to all students on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Students missing any classroom lecture(s) will have to catch up on our VLE.

19. By placing a booking all stakeholders are Opting In and consenting to how their data are will be used with regards our marketing initiatives in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Stakeholders wishing to Opt Out must email us accordingly with a simple UNSUBSCRIBED instruction.



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